three young children playing with toys at a child care center


Join thousands of families, educators, and allies working to promote the importance of and investment in high-quality early childhood education. How? By talking to elected officials and candidates at local, state, and national levels. By making sure your own friends and family members understand the importance of high-quality early learning in their own lives. By developing your skills as an advocate. And by committing to work together, in your community, so that access to high–quality early learning becomes a reality for all children.

#CountAllKids in the 2020 Census

Over 2.2 million young children were missed in the last U.S. census. Which also means states loss millions of dollars for important programs like the Children’s Health Insurance Program, Head Start, and the Child Care and Development Block Grant which all rely on census numbers to determine how much money each state receives for these programs. In the 2020 Census, we must do better! 

Our Votes. Their Futures.

We can create a better future for the next generation with our votes. “Our Votes. Their Futures.” is designed to give you the tools you need to help educators and parents become engaged voters, and help candidates on both sides of the aisle embrace high-quality early learning.


Affordable, quality child care is out of reach for far too many working families. The Child Care and Development Block Grant (CCDBG) provides funds to defray the cost of child care for many families, but the program needs more resources to reach more families and fund quality child care with livable wages for early educators.

News and Updates

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Make your voice heard: Contact your elected officials

Your elected officials need to know that making high-quality early childhood education accessible for all children and families is an issue that matters to you as their constituent. Through America for Early Ed, you can easily look up and contact your representatives to share why they should expand support for high-quality early childhood education and deliver on the promise of high-quality early learning for children, families, and our economy.