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Let’s G-O (T-V)!

At NAEYC, we are working to Get Out The Vote (GOTV) because early childhood educators are essential—and voting is too! Even if you’ve already voted, or have a plan in place, you can help others make their votes count as well. Use these resources from “Our Votes. Their Futures.” as a guide:

So You Have An Early Learning Program?

This quick resource offers 3 important ways program directors can support staff and families to vote: make it known, make it personal, and make it possible! 

“Our Votes. Their Futures.” Phone Bank Guide

Follow this phone bank script to remind early childhood educators, parents of young children, and others to vote on or before November 3. This is a great opportunity to thank the person you’re calling for their support, ask them to vote, and share more about America for Early Ed’s “Our Votes. Their Futures.” campaign.

Plan It Out: Vote On or Before November 3

If you haven’t voted yet, then you might need a plan! Start by getting information about voting in your state so you know exactly what your options are for casting your ballot and what you need to do in order to do so safely. Here are some other questions to help you and those around you vote:

  • Does our ECE program need to adjust hours or develop a coverage schedule that supports voting by staff and families? 

  • Can I get some posts ready to go up on social media and in our family newsletters? Could I get them ready to be shared in multiple languages?

  • Have I told someone about my voting plan? Are they holding me accountable for following through? How else can I support my early learning community in casting their votes?

And because we are #InThisTogether, check out some exciting resources from our ECE partners:

Show Off Your #GOTV

Check out this brand-new guest blog “It’s Time for All of Us to Vote: Exploring the Democratic Process with Young Children” for in-depth ideas and suggestions about engaging young children in your centers, homes, and schools! 

What are you doing in your early learning program to promote voting? How are you engaging children, families, and staff around the importance of voting? We want to hear all about it! Post on social media using the hashtags #earlyedvoter and #ECEwins or send us an email and pictures at

“Your determination to vote this fall is critical for you, your neighbors, the children and families you serve, and the programs and services you have fought so hard to build and maintain. Make a plan, don’t let anything get in your way, and vote like our future depends on it. Because it does.”

Rhian Evans Allvin, NAEYC CEO, from Making Connections: Vote.