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Time for R.E.C.E.S.S.? Time for Action!

As leaders in Congress work towards a deal that addresses both the debt ceiling and the budget caps, we’re focused on making sure those caps are lifted so that CCDBG and other key programs receive the funding increases they need.

That includes looking ahead to the August recess, which, if all goes as planned, is right around the corner! While things could still change, you can take this time to make sure you’re ready to talk with your members of Congress about the importance of funding high-quality child care and early learning!

Check out these R.E.C.E.S.S. tips and templates in the  and help make this summer recess a great one for children, families, and educators!


Join the National Call-in Day on Monday, July 22 by calling 1-888-668-8919 and telling your Senator: “Before you leave for recess, please enact a 2-year budget deal to match or raise House levels to fund services all American families need like child care, housing, and health care, and to prevent an economic crisis by raising the debt ceiling.”

Want to look even further around the corner? Please save the date for this year’s , happening on September 24, 2019! NAEYC is looking forward to once again being a partner in this effort—and to get you excited as well, feel free to check out the Facebook Live Candidate Conversation Series from our friends at Every Child Matters. They’ve invited every one of the presidential candidates to participate, and we encourage you to  to find out more about the past and upcoming conversations with presidential hopefuls as we all work to make children and families a priority in 2020.