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On April 1, We #CountAllKids

Tomorrow, Monday, April 1, please join national, state, and local partners to commemorate the one year mark until Census Day 2020. NAEYC knows that  and that’s why it’s important we #CountAllKids in the #Census2020!

You can help! Use the  to find and share messages like these and more on Twitter and Facebook:

  • What if we lost out on half a BILLION in funding for children nationwide each year? That’s no #AprilFools joke, that’s what’s at risk again unless we make sure we #CountAllKids in the #Census2020. Learn more here & say #CountMeIn: 
  • Census data influences where billions of $ goes—when we #CountAllKids, we make sure more educational resources and funding for hospitals, community health centers & more are guaranteed for young kids. Say #CountMeIn now to help us get out the count.

Want to know how much your state has lost since 2010 because of an undercount of young children? Check out and share .

And DYK? Latino communities are particularly susceptible to being undercounted in the Census. Make sure you include messages from these  and  toolkits created by our partners at NALEO to ensure Latino children and families are counted! #HagaseContar

What else can you count on doing this week?