Guiding Principles

NAEYC and America for Early Ed believe that in order to fully deliver on the promise of high-quality early learning for all children, our country will have to prioritize and implement a bold family and values vision that is rooted in the early years by:

  • Ensuring that all families can choose among options that meet high-quality standards and afford the early learning setting that is right for them
  • Defining and fully funding access to high-quality early childhood education at scale, regardless of state or setting
  • Ensuring that early childhood professionals are diverse, effective educators, and leaders working within a compensation and recognition system that supports their excellence

Expanding Opportunity

Families support educators and educators support families, but neither can afford the growing costs of accessing and providing high-quality early care and education. Does this policy bridge the gaps to give more young children the opportunity to participate in high-quality early care and education, beginning at birth?

Supporting Excellence and Equity

If we sacrifice quality, we sacrifice results. If we don't attend to equity, we deepen divisions. Does this policy promote equitable access to excellence in all settings and systems to deliver on the promise of early childhood education?

Valuing Early Childhood Educators

Effective early childhood education depends on strong early childhood educators. Does this policy work towards developing, attracting, supporting, and retaining highly-qualified professionals?