Expanding Opportunity

If the first years of a child’s life are the period of most rapid brain development and lay the foundation for future learning, shouldn’t we make it possible for more children to start on the right path?

The fact is that many American families currently do not have the opportunity to send their children to early education programs. Why? They can’t afford to – the cost of sending one child to a high-quality program is already high and continues to increase.

In addition, the cost of providing high-quality education is increasing for early childhood education programs. This prevents even more families from accessing a great start for their children.

From our nation’s inception, we have held a collective belief that all children, regardless of their circumstances, should have a fair shot at freedom and economic opportunity that comes with our democracy.

All young children deserve a chance to start school ready to reach their full potential, and we must collectively build the political muscle to ensure that all elected officials embrace early learning as a “must.”