Prior to the 2016 Presidential election, supported by the extraordinary support of our members and Affiliates, NAEYC launched Early Ed for President, our first non-partisan electoral advocacy campaign.

Reaching over 6 million people, Early Ed for President elevated the conversation around early childhood education and educators in the context of national, state, and local elections. The campaign was dedicated to building advocacy skills and capacity among early childhood educators and allies, while keeping advocates engaged and informed, mobilizing social media networks to amplify early learning messages (#earlyedin16!), and supporting state and local efforts to expand electoral advocacy activities, from phone banking to voter registration to rallies and more.

America for Early Ed is the continuation and evolution of that successful initiative, as a mobilizing hub to ensure that candidates and policymakers from both sides of the aisle embrace early learning as a “must” – with a commitment to expanding opportunity, supporting excellence and equity, and valuing early childhood educators.

With your support, we will continue to engage, partner, and mobilize with policy makers, families, educators, business leaders, economists, scientists, and researchers, to ensure that our nation’s policies catch up with the science behind the importance of early learning, and the benefits of investing in educators who are qualified, supported, and compensated for the complex and demanding jobs they perform.